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About Zen For Teens!

A meditation app built for teens – addressing the daily concerns facing the average
teenager, created by a former teacher, and now qualified Mindfulness instructor,
with the help and content of Zen Ambassadors.

Zen for Teens seeks to address new avenues of coping with everyday life situations, through meditation and relaxation techniques, as well as finding ways to have fun with guided imagery.
This app seeks teen input and feedback through Zen Ambassadors, or Zenbassadors. Zen Ambassadors are the top users and sharers of Zen for Teens. They are chosen and invited to meet with the creator and CEO of Zen for Teens every quarter (Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter), as well as create a meditation or a background that can be added to the app for other users to experience while one holds the “Zenbassador” title.

App Features


Not into being guided through meditation? Pick a background and “go it alone”! While still collecting statistical information, badges, and the opportunity to be a Zenbassador.

Zen Ambassador

The top 25 users and sharers on social media of their experiences with the Zen for Teens App have an opportunity to become Zenbassadors. These individuals will be invited to a group Zoom with the creator of Zen for Teens to discuss meditation, the app, give feedback, and any other appropriate topic they would like. Zenbassadors are also given the opportunity to create content others can experience on the App – either a meditation or a background video (see FAQs for more details).


Who doesn’t love a good milestone? Or badge? Or pet you don’t have to feed? There are two ways to achieve milestones. Use the app for seven days in a row with no missing and/or use the app for 30 days in total. Watch your animals pile up, until you are soaring with the wisdom of the owls.


Find friends, make new ones.


Watch your numbers soar and your achievements grow!

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Fit mindfulness seamlessly into your daily life, with meditation,
breathing, yoga, guided journaling and more.
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